Globe Tattoo 4G Superstick Ultimate Review

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I have been using many “plug it” versions of  previous models of Globe Tattoo sticks,  SmartBro, and even Sun Broadband prepaid portable internet devices. They all ended  up tossing into the garbage bin because I had problems using them on my Windows 7 SP1 64 Bit and Macbook Pro Lion OSX 10.7.3. machines. Outdated products just don’t seem to work inherently on new operating system updates. Simple.

1 unit Globe Tattoo 4G Superstick arrived today via Air21 (ordered from their website and sent out as C.O.D.) which costs me Php 3,495.00, and “just made a hole right in my pocket”, yet, I say and have found the ultimate mobile internet solution device. Find out the hypes about this techno bubble and perhaps this makes your existing portable internet devices worth ditching.

Da Supah Stik!

Specs in da box…

It comes with a free prepaid Globe Tattoo SIM card loaded with freebies. I ended up ordering online because Globe branch here in my little town ran out of stock and they only sell the MyFi version, and they do jack the prices up by 500 bucks, to sum up: Globe Butuan branch totally sucks ass in an unprecedented level.

iPhone charger serves as power source for the Supah Stik!

ogin Page

ain Page

Advanced Settings Page




– Supports b/g/n WiFi Standards.
– Has nice and advanced web GUI.
– Has advanced DHCP, WLAN, UPnP, Port Forwarding, Filtering, Security settings, etc…
– Has advanced WiFi security encryption features.
– Totally Operating System independent (if connected via WiFi)
– Works when plugged into any powered USB ports .
– No pesky software installations required (if connected via WiFi)
– No messy cables required. Unlike the Globe MyFi version.
– No firmware updates needed.
– You can use it as Wifi hub in your home or office.


– Expensive
– Supports only up to 5 devices.

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